What is Regex?


Regex or regular expression is a sequence of character that defines a search pattern for a string. Imaging given a string, we need to write a program in Java to differentiate between “A2”, “ABC”, “123”, “-123”, “-123.123”, “123.123” or “1 2 3”. Without regex, it would be hassle implement brute force type of checking that involves looping a character after another and check if it is equal to a matching character. Using regex, we can define our pattern string and check if our string.matches(pattern) .

Rules of Writing Regex

Common Matching Symbol

Defines matching behavior

.         Matches any character
^regex    Finds regex that must match at the beginning of line
regex$    Finds regex that must match at the end of line
[abc]     Set definition, can match a/b/c
[abc][de] Set definition, can match a/b/c followed by d/e
[^abc]    Set definition, anything except a/b/c
[a-z0-9]  Ranges, matches from a to z or 0 to 9
X|Z       Matches X or Z
XZ        X followed by Z
$         Check if line end follows

Meta Characters

Defines what the character is

d       a digit, short for [0-9]
D       a non-digit, short for [^0-9]
s       a white space character
S       a non-white space character
w       a word character
W       a non-word character
S+      1 or more non-white space character
b       Matches a word boundary where a word character is 


Defines how often a character should occur

*       Occurs zero or more times
+       Occurs 1 or more times
?       Occurs either zero or 1 time
{X}     Occurs X times
{X,Y}   Occurs between X and Y (inclusive)


Several characters can be grouped together with a common quantifier using ()

Example Usage

String line1 = "A2";
String pattern1 = "[a-zA-Z][\d]";
String line2 = "ABC";
String pattern2 = "[a-zA-Z]+";
String line3 = "123";
String line4 = "-123";
String line5 = "-123.123";
String line6 = "123.123";
String pattern3 = "-?\d+(\.\d+)?";
String line7 = "3 3";
String pattern4 = "\d\s\d";
String line8 = "dav1d_cheah17@gmail.com";
String line9 = "d2vid-cheah1796@gmail.net";
String pattern5 = "[a-zA-Z0-9]+[\\-]?[\\_]?[a-zA-Z0-9]+@gmail.(com|net)";

(BONUS) Finding the right Regex using Sublime or Atom

At sublime or atom, hit keys command(mac) or control(win) with F to bring up find panel. Select .* which denotes regex and Aa for case sensitive. Simply type the regex expression on the search field and the result will be highlighted.


Regex is powerful that just by using 2 lines, you are able to achieve string matching that was previously done using brute force.

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