Mallsyok V2.0 in Flutter


Mallsyok app was created with a sole purpose which is to help shoppers find their way quicker inside Malaysia’s shopping malls. With a tagline #ShoppingIsNowMoreSyok, this app intends to enhance shoppers’ experience. The last two words of the tagline that is “More Syok” which means you get to enjoy more translate to the name of the app, Mallsyok. Often we feel lost especially nowadays newer malls tend to get bigger in size. This app is an experiment I tried it out with bunch of friends searching other form of excitement in life. Though the adoption is poor but I think the whole project was a success in the sense that we have achieved valuable lessons and experience from it. Hence I decided to share it through this writing.

So Mallsyok was originally built for Android. About a year ago, I created a Flutter project for Mallsyok because that way it can be deployed right away to both Android and iOS, maintaining only one code base.


Beautiful Splashscreen

List of Malls

Currently supports up to 18 malls in the state of Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor with highly attractive shopping mall picture.

Search for Malls

Interactive search bar feature that updates the search result upon new character typed onto search bar.

List of Outlets

At high level view, shows outlet name and their outlet number.

Outlet View

Well organized and informative view of a outlet.

Easy access Menu

Side bar menu allows user to quickly access promotion, store directory, getting there and contact details of the developer.

Source Code Available!

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