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Mallsyok app was created with a sole purpose which is to help shoppers find their way quicker inside Malaysia’s shopping malls. With a tagline #ShoppingIsNowMoreSyok, this app intends to enhance shoppers’ experience. The last two words of the tagline that is “More Syok” which means you get to enjoy more translate to the name of the app, Mallsyok. Often we feel lost especially nowadays newer malls tend to get bigger in size. This app is an experiment I tried it out with bunch of friends searching other form of excitement in life. Though the adoption is poor but I think the whole project was a success in the sense that we have achieved valuable lessons and experience from it. Hence I decided to share it through this writing.

Update: Unfortunately, we have stopped building new features and maintaining Mallsyok app. But that will not stop me from sharing our experience out 😜


What are the problems?

As mentioned earlier, shoppers tend to get lost inside a big shopping mall. They tend to rely on directory boards which are scarcely available and difficult to locate. At times, these boards would be crowded with anxious shoppers which brings to more disappointment to whole shopping experience. Worst case scenario is that the information on the board is not up-to-date.

Nowadays malls have their own shopping mall apps to show all these information. But that brings shoppers having to install multiple apps for each mall. Would it be great if they would only need to install just ONE app for all the malls.

Features of Mallsyok

Mallsyok supports major shopping malls across Malaysia.

Mallsyok brings shoppers up-to-date directories within their fingertips. Whichever mall they go, they would just need to find what is needed with only a single app.

Shoppers get interactive visual aid from Mallsyok as it provides detailed floor maps.

Mallsyok offers shoppers a way to automatically selects the correct mall by locating their position.

We offer wide range of outlet categories so that shoppers can get the most accurate search result.

Other than directories, we too provide useful informations such as mall contact details, parking rates, opening hours and tips on getting there.

The mentioned features above are already being implemented. On top of that, we have planned more advance features such as bringing shoppers notification of mall events and promotions.

Another cool feature in the list is dynamic navigation. Think of it as a google map, giving you instructions to assist you reaching to your outlet destination inside a mall.

Mallsyok also plans to implement food suggestion feature to help shoppers who have no idea of what to eat.

Shoppers do not need to worry about expensive parking rate when Mallsyok could help estimate the fee and notify them when fee reaching certain amount.

In the next post, I will share about Mallsyok team workflow.

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